CH. Coburn's Colin v WindN'Satin  JC
owned by Nancy Oliver
Colin had a presense about him at a young age.  Beautiful neck blending into well angulated shoulders, sweeping back into a strong balanced body.
Colin took an interest in everything about him.  Always game for a good time,  Colin couldn't wait to chase those
elusive little white plastic bags.

Colin recieved his first point at the tender age of 61/2 months young under Breeder Judge Pat Murphy.

With a bit of maturing, Colin has developed into a sweet loving gentleman.
Colin is outgoing, loving and always into something at Nancy's place.  Fortunately, he has good friends there to hang with.

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Colin is a clean running boy who loves to run after the lure.  His only wish???  That he could go after it again LOL!
Colin has a beautiful head and eye, as well as a scissors bite.  His arched neck, flowing into his well angulated shoulders are to die for!   He is very sound coming and going with a smooth easy sidegate. 

His best quality though is his great temperment which captured Nancy's heart the moment they met.  He's everyone's friend, and represents the breed well.

Colin is available at stud to approved bitches
Long, lovely head, yet masculine.  Colin still makes a pretty picture on unsteady ground.